The Unique Furniture System

Toprail Ltd is a unique, adaptable and sustainable furnishing system, which was originally developed in the late 1970’s. As a result of the quality of the system and the benefits, many of our standard products are now also supplied to educational establishments, commercial clients and other markets.

The product range includes wall storage cupboards, a wide selection of shelves (in various sizes and materials), specialist storage units, pin-boards, magnetic vitreous enamel steel dry marker boards and a host of other fixtures.

We encourage feedback from our many clients to help us evolve the range of fittings. However, along with our extensive core range, we would be pleased to discuss any specific items which you may require.

The Benefits

The system provides both practical and financial benefits for the user. As the furnishings simply hang from the fixed wall rail, should the initial assembly not meet the user’s requirements, or should the use of the room, or area, change over the years, then the components can be simply and quickly adapted. This removes any need for repairs and redecoration to the walls, or major down time to the area.

As the original product specification was for the system to meet the requirements of the Health Technical Memorandum HTM 62, many items can be steam cleaned to 150°C, which is essential in the clinical areas of healthcare environments.

HTM 62 - Demountable Storage System

Extracts from the HTM 62 Demountable storage system (HTM Building Components Series) document. The HTM offers guidance on the technical design and output specifications of a demountable storage system for use in health buildings. The document is intended to provide users and manufacturers with an achievable solution to the problems associated with fitted installations.

Click on the link below to download the complete PDF document.


  • Name: Alison Taylor
  • Position: Associate Director

Capital & Primary Care Premises Development (East London and the City NHS - ELC)

We have specified Toprail on various completed and future projects, as they were able to offer a quality HTM 62 Healthcare Furnishing System which meets the recommendations identified within the recent HBN 11-01 (Health Building Note for Primary Care Facilities) and which is also a modern and attractive storage solution in our new premises. The flexible nature of the system, meets both our current needs and is easily adapted to suit our future requirements, without significant cost, or down-time.

Toprail were also able to offer pro-active advice and an attentive support service from the early design stages, through to the time when the users occupied the facilities.

  • Name: Mr. Peter Liddell
  • Position: Associate

Penoyre & Prasad (Architects)

Latest Department of Health Guidance and our healthcare clients demand greater flexibility of use from clinical spaces. The ability to change layouts of furniture and fitting simply and with the minimum impact on FM adds hugely to this flexibility.

This benefits not just the building in use, but also the design construction stages. This is why we always recommend the Toprail system to our clients and construction partners.

  • Name: Seán O’Connell
  • Position: Package Manager

John Paul Construction

I had the pleasure of dealing with Toprail during the Fit-out of the new Private hospital in the St. Vincent’s Campus in Dublin. I found Toprail to be extremely professional during both the pre-construction and construction phases of the project. Their logistical prowess along with unparalleled after-care service ensured that this package ran smoothly from start to finish.

The Toprail system itself is very simple to install and modify due to the modular nature of the system. We found that the end users reviews were very positive to the system and they have gone on to order more of the system to meet their ever changing needs.

  • Name: Dr. Roy Macgregor
  • Position: Managing Partner

Kentish Town Health Centre

Toprail provided an instant solution for us around flexibility. The range and scope possible with one system is incredible.

  • Name: Ms. Sherien Woodcock
  • Position: Manager

Vanguard Healthcare Solutions Ltd.

Due to the nature of our business it is essential that our mobile healthcare units are equipped with a flexible storage solution to enable us to provide a furnishing system which best fit our customer’s individual needs. The vital flexibility of Toprail allows us to do this quickly and delivers an instant adjustable solution to our storage needs.

  • Name: Mr. Phil Smith
  • Position: Director

RH Partnership (Architects)

As an architect, Toprail makes my job so much simpler. Early strategic design decisions for room and furniture layouts can be made with confidence that design change can be accommodated, right up to the point of furniture installation. The ability to hang pinboards, whiteboards and shelving from the same rail is great for users, keen on personalising their space.

The system is very strong, and looks good too. We have used Toprail in all manner of building types, including universities, offices, laboratories, hospitals and we have even installed it in our own offices.

  • Name: Ms. Nicky Hodgson
  • Position: Senior Associate

JDDK Architects

An efficient and practical system with a variety of combinations for utilisation across numerous room types required within our projects. Excellent service.

  • Name: Mr. Jason Hogg
  • Position: Building/Technical Services Manager

Department of Zoology, University of Oxford

As a long term customer of Toprail (for over 40 years), the Department, being a teaching and research establishment find the system extremely versatile in both office and laboratory environments.

I would not hesitate in recommending the Toprail system for the following reasons:

  • Simple installation
  • Clean, unobtrusive and durable
  • Flexible with many adaptations for various uses
  • It has been found to be very cost effective over the period of time we have used it – the first installation fitted in 1969 is still in use today