The Toprail wall furnishing system has been in use for over twenty five years. Its well proven design continually provides the user with a unique degree of flexibility. Although our range includes over 250 wall-based products, only the "Top-rail" itself is fixed to the wall. Once the rail is installed, no other tools or specialist trades are required to change the layout or add new components, everything simply hangs from the rail.

The Toprail concept was originally designed for the health service and is an approved system as described in health technical memorandum 62 (HTM 62) and the relevant sections of health technical memorandum 63 (HTM 63).

Today Toprail is also used in many educational and commercial areas where flexibility, quality and cost-effectiveness are demanded. Toprail offers reduced design time at the planning stage on new construction work allowing the final position of shelves, whiteboards, worktops, cupboards, and even sinks to be decided by the end user. Alterations can then be made as working practices change.

Education & Commercial

The most common type of wall construction to which Toprail is fixed is hollow plasterboard, but with the right fixings, Toprail will spread the load safely allowing valuable wall space to be used effectively.

Everything is clear from the floor for improved cleaning. Redecoration costs are reduced as there is no need for making good redundant fixing holes and unscrewing wall fittings.

Should the premises be vacated, simply unhook your components and take them with you. If a building is to be temporarily occupied, Toprail offers a neat way of allowing furniture and fittings to be on the wall without damage to the fabric of the building.

If what you want is not included within the component range of Toprail, or you already have items that need to be used, Toprail offers a comprehensive range of support sets, brackets and hooks to enable your own items to be Toprail mounted. Our experienced staff are available to advise and if necessary develop special products to suit those unusual applications.


Toprail system Installation & Planning Guides, Click on the links below to download the appropriate PDF document.

National Building Specification Document (NBS)

The National Building Specification (NBS) Document defining the Toprail system is available for immediate download in three formats. Please click on your preferred format to download the file, unzip if necessary and open it in the appropriate editor.