The robust slotted uprights simply hang from the rail and form the spine of a furnishing assembly.

Slotted uprights are used to support many of the wide range of Toprail components. These simply hook onto the rail without any further fixing and provide a secure connection.

They are available in three standard lengths and can be cut on site to provide a precision fit. They may be spaced at intervals of 350mm for filing applications and pigeon-holes - 600mm or 750mm intervals provide high density shelving and storage.

Slotted uprights may be anchored in position with security brackets to prevent any possibility of lateral movement where minimal loading is required.

Toprail Securing Clip for Slotted Uprights

Securing Clip for Slotted Uprights
The clip is manufactured from a semi-flexible grey plastic and provides a durable, cost effective neat fastening arrangement.


Code Item Description Size
30.020 Slotted upright short 919mm
30.027 Slotted upright medium 1215mm
30.021 Slotted upright long 1844mm
30.015 Slotted Upright Security Clip (supplied with each upright) n/a
30.022 Security bracket n/a