The one piece powder coated aluminium shelf provides a tough but rigid shelf, with the added benefit of being able to be easily removed and steam cleaned, when used in clinical areas.

One-piece white powder coated aluminium shelves are ideal for use in clinical areas where a high degree of hygiene is required. These shelves incorporate bookend brackets and simply slot directly into uprights.

They are manufactured in 750mm, 600mm, 360mm and 350mm widths. The 360mm and 350mm width shelves make excellent pigeon holes or post trays when placed on top of one another.


Code Item Description Size
30.697 One-piece shelf 600 x 150mm
30.705 One-piece shelf 600 x 250mm
30.707 One-piece shelf 600 x 325mm
30.704 One-piece shelf 750 x 250mm
30.706 One-piece shelf 750 x 325mm
30.755 One-piece shelf 360 x 250mm
30.744 One-piece shelf 360 x 325mm
30.709 One-piece shelf 350 x 250mm
30.710 One-piece shelf 350 x 325mm