Whether you want to write on it, clean it, or display on it, we have a range of accessories for the dry marker board.

Board accessories complete your Toprail dry marker boards and flipcharts units and include the correct marker pens, magnetic erasers, eraser felts, magnetic pen trays, magnets and cleaning fluid


Code Item Description Size
30.150 Marker pens, black pack of 4
30.151 Marker pens, red pack of 4
30.152 Marker pens, blue pack of 4
30.153 Marker pens, green pack of 4
30.167 Assorted coloured marker pens pack of 4
30.163 Erasers - magnetic n/a
30.164 Eraser cleaning felts box of 10
30.159 Magnetic pen tray n/a
30.170 Magnets blue pack of 10